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March 18, 2015

Conversations Are Magical; Let's Make Some Magic Together

March 18, 2015

Image by: Michael Coghlan

Social media is wonderful. It allows people to connect with new and interesting people, bitch at brands for fails, and share with friends, acquaintances, and random followers. Social Media has allowed me to find and interact with hundreds of interesting people without setting foot outside my tiny, little town, here in Nova Scotia.

Text is Still Just Text

We connect and chat with people on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and dozens of other networks—new and old. These are often very real connections but still, mostly asynchronous and 100% text.

There's Magic in the Sounds

"Conversations are Magical." is a phrase included in most of my social media bios. I know is the truth. The energy of talking with someone, the new ideas, the new perspectives, the sound of another person's voice, the emotions carried in those sounds and words that are filled with capacity to change. Not to mention, a LOL in person, or on a voice call, is something entirely different. It's truly special when you can laugh with someone at the same time about the same thing. Conversations make us more who we are while opening us up to be more than we are. Conversations can make us richer, smarter and better at our work and in our lives.

Let's Make Some Magic Together

Here is my call to you: if we're connected on social media—or even if we're not—let's talk about something interesting. Let's have a real conversation. Let's take 30 minutes voice to voice and, let's get to know just a little about each other. Maybe it will be the start of something. I know for sure, it will be magic.

Let's Make Magic

Of course you can also just tweet me at @JayGilmore on Twitter or send a contact request to me on Skype at smashingred and include the word magic, and let's something up.

Topics? The Field is Wide Open

These conversations are intended to start, rekindle or grow our relationship. I welcome conversation on fine beverages, content strategy, user experience, front end web development, community development, social media, content management, marketing, movies, music pretty much anything. Though, I know next to nothing about sports, cars (though I like them), or US politics.

Let's Have a Conversation

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