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September 13, 2013

Growth and Development for Personal and Professional: An Exploration

September 13, 2013

Recently, I have been mulling on the idea of personal and professional growth and how it relates to career and business.

First, here are a couple things that have contributed to this line of thought:

Dharmesh Shah from Hubspot on Hubspot's culture:

One of the core tenets of HubSpot culture is that we want to increase individual market value. In other words, we want someone’s currency to have risen higher at HubSpot than any other place they could have gone.

And, a tweet from Amber Naslund:

Here are four notions I am working through for upcoming posts/explorations:

  • We are a risk if we are the same person, with the same views and same skills we had when we started. Businesses that do not make room for their people to grow are at risk. Do you see this as true?
  • We must prioritize our own projects to give it the attention it deserves and remove the distraction of it's pull. If we can move it forward, we can focus more fully on our other obligations. What are your views on this?
  • Do we have a responsibility to grow professionally and as people? For ourselves and for the people who we work with or for? What do you think?
  • I had unknowingly become an appliance. I am looking to find ways to grow and change in order to do better work and create more value for myself, my family and for the people I work with. Is this something you actively work on or is it part of who you are?

I've started working on posts to explore each but am very interested in hearing the experiences of others on these ideas/notions.

Image credit: Kevin Dooley

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