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August 10, 2012

The Truth Will Always Be out There

August 10, 2012
The Truth Is Out There (X-Files Tagline)

I've been on a mission to learn all I can to live a long, healthy and active life. I want to feel good and ideally postpone or avoid much of the degeneration and disease of old age. To better understand and find approaches, I read a number of blogs, studies and journals on human health and well being.

Every day I am amazed see new theories emerging with new truths replacing old truths. What this really means is that we were not at the truth, if the truth is an irrefutable absolute. There is truth in choice and numbers. Our understanding of the universe, however, is not boolean.

Agent Fox Mulder knew the "Truth is Out There" but like tomorrow, when it comes to making sense of the world around us, truth is not something that ever arrives but an always present horizon.

What are we left with?

We have understanding.

Understanding is not truth, it's a milestone on the road to the absolute truth. Some understanding we hold is closer to the truth end of this infinity—some is just off the starting line. Furthermore, we have no idea where we are on the road, there are few, if any, landmarks. There is no end, and the flag waving in the distance that shows the last stop moves fluidly closer and further away, sometimes completely out of sight and at other times nearly close enough to touch.

Let go of truth and instead use it as a beacon while you build your understanding and consider the truths of others ingredients to reflect on and incorporate into your understanding. You will feel relief by giving up on truth because you no will longer be betrayed by the new truths and welcome them into your understanding with open arms.

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