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October 4, 2011

Make what Inspires Important

October 4, 2011
campfire - Mori Claudia

I'll get busy and let my favourite blogs stack up in Reeder but then I'll dive and and find that I am reenergized and rekindled by other people's experiences and ideas. Whether just news, a creative piece, photos of beautiful and artistic furniture or something related to my work, after reading just a couple I am full of energy and ready to do more and get creative. We must not let urgent actions constantly push the inspiration and time for rejuvenation on the back burner.

Working remotely in a small agricultural community my opportunities for having in-person conversations and discussions that expand beyond work are a precious few. Social media in general—especially those members of my social media "friends"—give me a beautiful part of that stimulation and provocation I need to survive and grow.

Thanks to anyone who has a blog, who has shared with me and to hope that more people, myself included will share their perspective in blogs, comments in their art but most importantly with someone else.

The next step is to reach out to some of the people that I read and who inspire me intellectually and creatively to let them know that what they are doing has a positive impact but more importantly to put the social into social media.

What or who inspires you to do better, do differently or continue on a creative endeavour? Do you actively seek out people with other perspectives or different ideas?

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