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August 6, 2011

Manifest the Gifts and Flow Beyond Resistance

August 6, 2011

I am still digesting Steven Pressfield's the War of Art as I work to be a habit of creating and defeating "Resistance".

In "the War" he asserts that what you create is not yours but a gift from the gods (some higher power or inspiration), that it is external to us and that we are a medium for it to the earth. Where many people feel the sharing of work—be it art or an invention or new business— is the search for acceptance, reward or validation, he posits it is to fulfil the responsibility to bring it out of the ether and give it its rightful place in the world.

I don't necessarily agree that our creations—or the whisper of what becomes our creation, is from an external source but do know that it doesn't truly exist until it's reached beyond your own space and has been experienced by others. I do agree that to create something and not share is to not complete the process. Those who fear sharing their work to make it whole are still fighting "Resistance" and need to work through it and not fall victim to it's limiting force.

I've found in a short while, doing the work, becoming fearless of or ignoring resistance has freed me to create more and it has positively affected my professional work as a Marketer. The reward for me now is that accessing flow is less effort and I am getting more done. If that flow comes from the muse or an outside source so be it; but it comes to me and more easily each day so long as I do the act of the work.

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