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July 20, 2011

Just Publish

July 20, 2011

Yesterday, I started reading Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art and then this morning CC Chapman shared the video of Susan Murphy below on Google+:

I constantly struggle with getting things done. For all sorts of reasons, I never even start and certainly don't finish. We all suffer the ebbs and flows of Resistance (as Pressfield refers to the evil force that stops us from moving forward) and once we are enveloped its undertow you're dragged down further until you can no longer breathe. I am up for air and I hope this video brings you up for air.

If you want actionable taste of the War of Art. You can grab Pressfield's recent Do the Work which was part of Seth Godin's Domino Project.

Are you being stopped by Resistance or do you just publish?

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